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5 Ways to fix your Analog Stick

Posted by Deměnik on Jan 17 2009 04:52 AM
5 Ways to fix your Analog Stick


The second most common problem people have with their PSP's is a dodgy analog stick. I have had to fix many PSP's with this problem and so I have become quite the expert at fixing these. So here are the steps you can take to fix your stick.


  • Completely power off the psp, and cold boot. While you are booting, rotate the analog in circles as wide as possible. This will help reset your analog stick and will usually fix slow moving analog stick or inaccurate movement.
    To test your analog stick, enter the web browser and observe the cursor movement.
  • Next, try adjusting the screw on the PSP that is directely behind the analog assembly. Experiment with different tightness. Make it tighter or looser as this will affect the contact it makes with the motherboard. Again, stay in the web browser while you do this so you can keep testing this.
  • If this fails, next, take apart your psp. Then get a dry cloth (like lens cloth) and wipe the contacts on the analog stick and on the gel pad contact that connects the analog assembly to the mother board. Also remove the gel padt and wipe the coontacts on the motherboard. Make sure you put the gell pad in the right way (ie, the fine gold wires in the gel pad should run from the mobo to the analog assembly.) Also clean in the area around the analog stick.
  • The last resort is to take apart the analog assemble. it is possible that dirt got in here (but very unlikely.) Remember the order in which you take it out so you can reassemble it. The last part where the stick and elastic band go is very difficult to reassemble so this really is a last resort unless you know what you are doing and have experiance.
  • Finally, if all else fail, you'll need a new assembly. But to make sure that it really is the analog stick and not the mobo, short the contacts on the mobo and check to see is it makes the mouse move on the web browser on the psp. If you short various combinations on the mobo, the cursor should move.

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