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Converting PSX games for the PSP using Popstation 1.4

Posted by Endorphine on Oct 06 2009 10:44 AM
Converting PSX games for the PSP using Popstation 1.4


  • Download PSX-PSP 1.4, extract all files from the zip and open.
  • Download Base.PBP and put it in the "Files" Folder.
  • I am running "Theme Mode" for this tutorial.
  • Open PSX-PSP1.4 and click the "..." Button beside iso/pbp file and locate the ISO you would like to convert for the PSP.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

  • Click on the [...] button beside output PBP folder, and find the folder where you would like the output file to be, it will save to a sub-folder using the PSX Game ID.

    Posted Image

  • For the Game Title, Save Title, Game Id, and Save Id, you can either enter them manually, or use the list built in to the program.

    Posted Image

  • To pull up the List, hit the "..." next to game title.

    Posted Image

Customizing your Eboot. - Optional Steps.

  • If you wish to add custom icons, backgrounds, music and video to your PSX games, you can do this through the "customize PBP" menu. If not, skip to step 4.
  • First, minimize the convert menu by pressing the convert menu button at the bottom, it makes it a little easier to read everything.

    Posted Image

    ICON0 is the icon that shows up on the XMB while you are scrolling
    PIC1 is the background image that shows up when you pause on the icon for your game
    PIC0 Is a transparent overlay that usually gives some information about the game
    SND0 is music that will play when you hover over the icon
    ICON1 is a movie file that plays when you you hover over the icon

    As always, press the [...] icon and navigate to the correct file

    Dimensions of the icons are as follows
    ICON0 144*80
    PIC1 480*272
    PIC0 480*272
    ICON1 144*80
    BOOT 480*272
  • you can obtain all these icons from various locations, but personally, The best is from here: PopsDB
  • Now that the data input is done, you are ready to convert the iso into a file that your psp can read, an eboot. take one last look at all of the settings, change whatever you need to and press the convert button.

    Posted Image

  • The program will now start to convert the game , and this dialogue will show up:

    Posted Image

  • Depending on your computer, this could take up to 20 minutes, but a new computers can get this process done in about 3-5 minutes.

    Posted Image

  • Once the process is done, click on the "ok" button, and the program will go back to the convert menu, if you want to do another file. otherwise, close the program, navigate to the folder that has the converted game in it, and copy the folder to the psp/game folder.

There you go, You just successfully converted a Image of a PSX game to a eboot for the PSP.

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