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Chatbox Rules and Regulations

General Chat Rules

  • Be Respectful. No compromises. No exceptions. It's the number one rule at PSPerspective. Obviously people will not always see eye to eye. Discussions often lead to heated debates. A disagreement of opinions is not an excuse to attack a person’s character/intelligence/life. Be respectful, courteous and levelheaded. Don’t say something just for the sake of being rude. And absolutely NO derogatory remarks when it comes to race or sexual orientation, either directed at another poster or character.
  • Enter at your own risk. No one is forcing anyone to use the Chatbox.
  • Speak English. Although PSPerspective's members come from all over the world, the universal language of the Chatbox is English. It makes conversations more difficult to monitor when they are in a language the mods don’t understand. You will be warned ONCE to speak in English; failure to comply will result in being 'kicked' from the chatroom.
  • No Bashing. This goes along with “Be Respectful”. This means:
    • No bashing people. (This includes any single person and or group/race of people)
    • Especially don’t bash religion, politics or others personal preferences.
    • No Mod Bashing. Mod-bashing of any kind is inexcusable. If you find yourself in a position where you feel you are being mistreated by a mod then report it to someone. Mod-bashing, even slight mod-bashing, will result in an immediate ban. Also, sending PMs, Emails, or Instant Messages to a mod, flaming them or bashing them, will also result in the same repercussions. Just because you are not in ChatBox, does not excuse your actions in anyway. This behavior is intolerable. Mods put in an enormous amount of effort into trying to the ChatBox appropriate, full of respect and running smoothly.
  • Personal Issues. Seriously, no talking about personal issues on the ChatBox. That includes responding to something someone else said or egging them on in an action. Sometimes things get out of hand and certain situations arise that become too difficult for the rest of us to handle. Keep real life away from the internet! Or just go to a forum where they talk about personal issues and offer advice.
  • No Spamming or Colored Text Abuse. Spam is anything that doesn't contribute to the discussion(s) going on, such as random or useless comments strictly intended to draw attention. Typing in all caps constantly is considered spam. Excessive spamming will not be allowed and anyone caught spamming will be given one warning before they are banned. Spamming also includes excessive image posting or spoiler tag usage. Colored text abuse is also not allowed. Just because you know the code to change your chat text to something other than the default color, doesn't mean you can or should. It's annoying, hard to read and not allowed. If you aren't sure 
    if something is allowed, play it safe and just don't do it (or ask a mod). 
  • No Flaming/Flame Baiting. Flaming is attacking someone. Very simple, if you're respectful and don't get into fights, you won't need to worry about it. Flame Baiting is making statements that try to get them to respond back at you with derogatory statements. It's punished just as severely as flaming itself.
  • No Fighting. Don’t fight with other members, and definitely don’t start fights with the staff. Seriously, it’s not worth it and no one will end up happy, least of all you. Any problems you have can be solved with calm and polite conversation. If you have a question or wish to bring up a topic with the staff that you don’t wish other posters to see, then use the Private Forum. That’s what it’s there for.
  • Limit the multiple topics. That doesn’t mean that you cannot start talking about a different topic, but let’s try to not have ten different conversations at one time. The space provided is limited and it can become very annoying and troublesome to have to sift through so many topics.
  • This is a PG-13 ChatBox. PSPerspective has made it a point to make this ChatBox as family friendly as possible. This also means there is to be no talk of rape, implied rape, drugs, or implied drug use. No overtly sexual pics, no string of expletives. If you can't articulate without cursing you should rethink your vocabulary. Please don’t try getting around the word filter in place by using alternate or foreign language characters, either. Be mature about what you’re submitting.
  • Absolutely No Porn. Seriously, no porn / hentai links, images or downloads, ever. Depending on the severity of the offense it may result in a ban. 
  • No Advertising Links. This is pretty self-explanatory. The PSPerspective Forums aren’t here for you to spam advertising links for any reason. No links to money making sites of any sort are permitted in posts or signatures. Anyone found posting such links will be given a warning and/or ban as the situation merits. If you wish to advertise other sites, use your signature. If you aren’t sure if a link is okay, ask one of the staff.
  • Do Not Abuse Emoticons Abusing the emoticons and putting more than 2 emoticons at a single chat message may result into a kick. Repeated abuse will result in a temporary ban.

These rules were developed to be fair to all and to make the ChatBox experience a little better for everyone. In the event you are banned for a reason you see as "Unlawful" or for a reason not specified, contact the site Staff - Xam, DeadkitnHawk, and so on. Don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear, if something confusing, or if you feel the rules here are unsatisfactory.

Above all have fun! Remember we’re all here for the same reason: we love gaming and we want a good conversation about it. If you have any questions, concerns comments, feel free to PM a staff member at any time. 

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