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  1. The new Metallica album leaked!

    1. Jason xXx

      Jason xXx

      ICouldn't grab it right away because of work but It will be posted 

  2. Hey hey hey!

    Took you long enough. <_< Welcome back Sum!
  3. Minecraft [PS VITA][VPK]

    Cool, you got it uploaded! If anyones wondering this VPK works and currently no issues so far during gameplay.
  4. Ys: Memories of Celceta

    Never mind, got it working. Had to change and edit the param.sfo file.
  5. Ys: Memories of Celceta

    Idk if this is a bad dump or what but this game won't install. Getting an error 0xFFFFFF99
  6. Ys: Memories of Celceta

    Thanks for the game! Looks good and interesting.
  7. LBP and Minecraft Vita

    I would if I could but you guys would be waiting a long ass time for it. lol I have shit of an internet connection.
  8. LBP and Minecraft Vita

    Hey Squish found a minecraft vpk, got it installed and working on my vita. I can pm you the link if you want to upload it for the site for the others to download.
  9. Little Big Planet: Marvel Edition [PS VITA][VPK]

    I've installed it already, the game runs fine. Should I be worried about having my PSN account hacked? Also, can i install a EU vita game on my US region Vita?
  10. Little Big Planet: Marvel Edition [PS VITA][VPK]

    When I clicked install, it prompted that there were "extended permissions" and access to personal information. Is it okay to install? Anyone come across this before when installing vpks?
  11. Little Big Planet: Marvel Edition [PS VITA][VPK]

    Dude, you are epic! My download of God of war collections 1 and 2 is almost done, will be downloading this one next! Thanks!!!!
  12. LBP and Minecraft Vita

    Mega would be fine by me, i don't think theres any better place to.
  13. LBP and Minecraft Vita

    Hey, thanks Squishyy! Would you be uploading to Mega by any chance?
  14. Akpsp here

    Hey I remember you TnT! Welcome back!
  15. LBP and Minecraft Vita

    I was wondering if someone can upload Little Big Planet and Minecraft for the Vita thats compatible with mai dump tools? If you can't find a mai dump version then a vpk would be fine also.